I was just about to start packaging today with Advanced Installer 15.4.1 Express edition, when i noticed are new version with lots of great new features!
Oh happy day!


Check out the long list of New Features, Enhancements and bug fixes:

New features

  • Package Support Framework (PSF) integration for MSIX packages
  • Import and customize MSIX Modification Packages
  • Target Package registry preview for MSIX Modification Packages
  • Support for MSIX Windows Store Project registry
  • CURRENT USER registry support for MSIX projects
  • Prerequisite .NET Core 2.1 IIS hosting bundle


  • Visual Studio extension support for PackageReference
  • Option to hide/show sections in certain MSIX/AppX pages
  • New Device Capabilities for Windows Store Package projects
  • UpdateFile command-line supports the usePathVariable switch
  • Improve the functionality of the “show only if” condition for dialogs
  • Command-line input field from build events can be resized
  • Predefined XML search that checks if an element has any child elements
  • Advanced Installer version number is now included in the PDF project report

Bug fixes

  • EXE setup having a force reboot condition triggers the system to reboot indefinitely
  • Solved issues with the “LaunchFile” custom action when using the options “Hide program’s window,” “Run under the LocalSystem account with full privileges” or “Wait for custom action to finish before proceeding.”
  • Editing Content URI rule generates an error
  • Crash when upgrading from Express to Professional or higher
  • Error when running a project containing only a UWP build
  • Jenkins plugin hangs at admin install step
  • The text color of the “Group Box” control cannot be changed
  • Product Details header from the Repackager disappears after deleting an entry from History
  • Update Features Install States action resets incorrectly the feature install state
  • File path per build is not saved
  • Install Condition for Access 2016 is not correct
  • Native DLL functions are duplicated
  • Every custom action of “Launch” type with a conditional field, crashes AI after being moved to any Install Stage

Get the latest’s Advanced Installer Express here



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